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Trip Checklist

[___] Determine the interest of your students, and their parents.
[___] Decide on a destination that relates to your curriculum and can add to your students' knowledge.
[___] How will the trip be funded? How can you raise the money? How much per student can you afford?
[___] How many students will be going? Our motorcoaches seat 31 to 56 passengers. One seat will be required for the step-on guides (when utilized), so save a seat!
[___] When will you go? Remember, most schools plan field trips for the same times of the year and hotels sell out, so call early.
[___] Are your travel dates flexible? If so, consider traveling during non-peak times. Rates are generally lowest in January, February, November and December.
[___] Have alternate dates just in case your first choice is not available. Also, in some cases, traveling the first part of the week can save money over traveling on Friday or on the weekend.
[___] What is the safety record of the motorcoach operator you are considering?
[___] Have you checked the Consumer Protection Tips for Chartering a Motorcoach? If not, Click Here.
[___] What types of references are available on the company?
[___] Is the company fully insured? Please ask your charter sales representative to send you a copy of Holiday's certificate of insurance.

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